When you trade in the stock market, you’re dealing with a highly volatile and unpredictable market—so you need several tools at your disposal. If you’re tech-savvy and money-savvy, using stock investing apps is a great idea to use your time and smartphone or tablet in making money work for you through stock investing.

Below are the three useful apps for the different types of stock traders.

Stock Market Simulator

What it is: A simulation of the real U.S. stock market
How it works: Allows user to invest in virtual stocks without no strings attached and any real risk
Great for: Beginners who want to try stock investing before making an actual investment and to get a feel of how the U.S. stock market works
Compatible with: Android devices

Benzinga Stock & News Tracker

What it is: A well-designed and user-friendly platform for up-to-date market data, latest financial news, and trending updates
How it works: Provides real-time alerts on breaking news about the stock market and its movements and keeps you informed on the go
Great for: Stock investors who are always mobile and want to get stock-related news fast. Also ideal for those looking for insightful articles on stock investing
Compatible with: iOS devices


What it is: The mobile version of CNBC TV
How it works: Offers real-time stock prices and interactive charts, real-time business news, breaking news alerts, and full episodes of CNBC shows
Great for: Investors who are often on the go and have no time for reading business newspapers
Compatible with: Android and iOS devices